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  1. =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  3. UTF8 for what?
  4. O código era semelhante ao antigo. e o velho não foi Até onde eu posso ver funciona.
  5. if (_SafeStr_11968._SafeStr_57 == 12)) { _SafeStr_12073._SafeStr_4822._SafeStr_728(_arg_1.readByte(), _arg_1.readUTF(), _arg_1.readUTF()); return; }; ReadByte = WriteByte readUTF = WriteUTF readUTF = WriteUTF Resultat : this.sendPacket(Identifiers.send.Login_Result, ByteArray().writeByte(1).writeUTF(this.playerName).writeUTF(this.playerName).toByteArray()) Hmmm
  6. Em algumas sources que o código não funciona Praticamente todos têm o mesmo problema. Você espera para sempre.Atualmente, na minha source apenas esses códigos vão
  7. How to fix "Aleardy Connected" : Go to » def loginPlayer Search : if this.server.checkConnectedAccount(playerName): this.sendPacket(Identifiers.send.Login_Result, 1) Replace : if this.server.checkConnectedAccount(playerName): this.sendPacket([26, 12], "\x01\x00\x00\x00\x00") #Aleardy connected How to fix "Wrong password" : Go to » def loginPlayer Search : reactor.callLater(5, lambda: this.sendPacket(Identifiers.send.Login_Result, 2)) Replace : this.sendPacket([26, 12], "\x02\x00\x00\x00\x00") #Invalid Password How to fix "This name is already taken" Go to » if CC == Identifiers.recv.Login.Create_Account: Search : elif(or if) this.server.checkExistingUser(playerName): this.client.sendPacket(Identifiers.send.Login_Result, ByteArray().writeByte(3).writeUTF(playerName + str(random.randint(0, 50))).toByteArray()) Replace : elif(or if) this.server.checkExistingUser(playerName): this.client.sendPacket([26, 12], "\x03\x00\nkihgjuhfyr\x00\x00") #Name aleardy exist How to fix "Captcha error" Search : elif not this.client.currentCaptcha == captcha: this.client.sendPacket(Identifiers.send.Login_Result, ByteArray().writeByte(4).writeUTF(playerName).toByteArray()) Replace : elif not this.client.currentCaptcha == captcha: this.client.sendPacket([26, 12], "\x07\x00\x00\x00\x00") #Captcha Error Creditos : Adryan
  8. ești prost
  9. You do what you want, brother. I just told you, it's your problem if you want to understand it or not
  10. Buddy, stay calm, I wasn't talking about my person. It's just that nowadays nobody keeps credit.
  11. You see? You made a mistake. "Version 1.0 - free version but don't remove credits." You really think who's going to use your theme will keep the credits? I'm wrong, buddy. Absolutely no one is stupid enough to keep the credits. So....
  12. Go to modules , parseshop , and and fix.
  13. A system can be made in Python in which if someone pronounces Mice, they send notification to administrators, but at the same time they block their chat.Transformice servers appear 15 a month. It's a torment to keep decompile Tfz and add servers.Possibly a system in PHP, the automatic indraw of data in Tfz, would decrease the weight so it would be easier to insert.As long as it doesn't exist, we don't stand a chance.