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  1. tfm.exec.disableAutoNewGame(true) tfm.exec.disableAutoShaman(true) tfm.exec.disableAutoTimeLeft(true) players={} toDespawn={} maps={"@92648","@640647","@24646","@250645","@280644","@290643","@70639","@80638"} ui.addPopup(1,0,"<font size='14'>Welcome To: </font><font size='18'><b><font color='#2F7FCC'>Deathmatch </font><br></b></font><br><font color='#2F7FCC'><font size='14'>Objective: </font></font>To remain alive during the Battle of Objects! </br> <BR></BR><BR><font size='14'><font color='#2F7FCC'>How to Play :</font></font> <N>Space key or the down arrow to shoot an object.</br> <BR></BR><BR><b><font color='#2F7FCC'> Questions, Complaints or Suggestions: Please contact me through the game [#react1oN].</b></br> </font>",playerName,230,140,340) function eventNewPlayer(name) for i,key in ipairs({32,40,83}) do tfm.exec.bindKeyboard(name,key,true,true) end players[name]={ timestamp=os.time(), offsets={x=2, y=10} } end function eventKeyboard(name,key,down,x,y) if (key==32 or key==40 or key==83) and not[name].isDead and started then if players[name].timestamp < os.time()-1000 then local id=tfm.exec.addShamanObject(math.random(1701,1705), x+([name].isFacingRight and players[name].offsets.x or -players[name].offsets.x), y+players[name].offsets.y,[name].isFacingRight and 90 or 270) players[name].timestamp=os.time() table.insert(toDespawn,{os.time(),id}) end end end function eventChatCommand(name,command) local arg={} for argument in command:gmatch("[^%s]+") do table.insert(arg,argument) end if arg[1]=="off" then if tonumber(arg[2]) and tonumber(arg[3]) then players[name].offsets.x=tonumber(arg[2]) players[name].offsets.y=tonumber(arg[3]) else players[name].offsets.x=2 players[name].offsets.y=10 end tfm.exec.chatMessage("Offsets changed to X:"..players[name].offsets.x.." Y:"..players[name].offsets.y,name) end end function eventNewGame() started=false end function eventLoop(time,remaining) if time >= 3000 and not started then started=true end if remaining<=0 then tfm.exec.newGame(maps[math.random(#maps)]) end for i,cannon in ipairs(toDespawn) do if cannon[1] <= os.time()-4000 then tfm.exec.removeObject(cannon[2]) table.remove(toDespawn,i) end end end function eventPlayerDied(name) local i=0 local n for pname,player in pairs( do if not player.isDead then i=i+1 n=pname end end if i==0 then tfm.exec.newGame(maps[math.random(#maps)]) elseif i==1 then tfm.exec.giveCheese(n) tfm.exec.playerVictory(n) tfm.exec.setGameTime(5) end end for name,player in pairs( do eventNewPlayer(name) end tfm.exec.newGame(maps[math.random(#maps)])
  2. you can ask atelier801
  3. PacketKeys: [32, 1, 51, 25, 12, 7, 53, 13, 37, 10, 109, 88, 85, 121, 94, 106, 66, 85, 80, 92] LoginKeys:[] Version: 470 Ckey: "zZoDRXUlGimYW" Download : virustoal : Creditos : Ateiler801
  4. I can improve if you share lua. tfm.exec.disableAutoShaman(true) function eventNewPlayer(name) for i,key in ipairs({32,83,40,69}) do tfm.exec.bindKeyboard(name,key,true,true) end end function eventKeyboard(name,key,down,x,y) if key==83 or key==40 or key== 32 or key==69 then if[name].isFacingRight then tfm.exec.addShamanObject(24,x,y) else tfm.exec.addShamanObject(24,x,y) end end end for name,player in pairs( do eventNewPlayer(name) end for name,player in pairs( do eventNewPlayer(name) end maps = {"@57"} tfm.exec.newGame(maps[math.random(#maps)]) tfm.exec.disableAutoNewGame(true); function eventLoop(timePassed, timeLeft) if alive == 0 or timeLeft < 1000 then nextRound(); end end function nextRound() tfm.exec.newGame(maps[math.random(#maps)]); end ui.setShamanName("<font color='#ED0F00'>Launch Your Sp's!!</font>") ui.setMapName("<font color='#FFFFFF '>#SpGame</font>") function eventNewGame() ui.setShamanName("<font color='#ED0F00'>Launch Your Sp's!!</font>") ui.setMapName("<font color='#FFFFFF '>#SpGame</font>") end function eventChatCommand(playername,command) if command == "help" then ui.addPopup(0, 0, "<font color='#CO2DEC' size='10px'><b></font>Welcome to the game <font color='#FFFFFF' size='10px'><b></font>#SpGame.In this game you have to pass the maps of any type using the sp's that when you press down launches a sp so that's fun in my game..Lembrando..this room is in test any problem report to #react1oN that is the creator of this game.<font color='#FFFFFF' size='10px'><b></font>~~By react1oN", NIL, 140, 60, 430) end end
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